Abby's Special Dips


Chip Dips: Fruit Dips
 Country Bacon Package Country Bacon Dip: A Country Smoked Bacon Flavor dip.
Key Lime Package
Key Lime Dip: Send your taste buds on vacation to Key Lime.
 Cucumber-Dill Package Cucumber-Dill Dip: A Cucumber based dip with a hint of dill.
Key Lime Package
Lemon Zest Dip: You like your desert a little sour, try our Lemon Zest, its one of our best.
Jalapeno Package Jalapeno-Spinach Dip

Key Lime Package
Pineapple Delight Dip: Number one selling desert, need more be said?.
 Horseradish-Bacon Package Horseradish-Bacon Dip: A dip made for those brave enough to try it, a hardy kick of Horseradish.
Key Lime Package
Strawberry Cheesecake Dip: Delightfully refreshing summertime treat.

 Jalapeno Package Jalapeno Dip: Feel like mexican food tonight, try this spicy number on your favorite tortilla chip.
Key Lime Package

Cheesecake Dip

 Lime Cilantro Package Lime Cilantro Dip: A zesty dip with lime and cilantro flavorings, great with mexican food.
Key Lime Package
Orange Slice Dip: Orange Slice of heaven.
 Mexican Fiesta Package Mexican Fiesta Dip: Great used as a  blooming onion dip.
Peppercorn-Bacon Ranch Package
Wasabi "You" Ranch

 Ragin' Cajun Package Ragin' Cajun Dip: Spicy Cajun flavor, great with chicken.
Ragin' Cajun Package
Bad Dog Chili Mix-
To make your next pot of Homemade chili

 Roasted Onion and Garlic Package Roasted Onion and Garlic Dip: Great as a dip, awesome rub for roast beef.

 Roasted Sweet Pepper Package Roasted Sweet Pepper Dip: Wonderful for vegetables and chips.
 Spinach Package Spinach Dip: Number one seller, need more be said?
 Toasted Onion Supreme Package Toasted Onion Supreme Dip: For all of the french onion lovers, this is your dream come true.